My name is Jenna Legge. I was born in Miami, Florida, 
and lived there until I was about six years old. After,
my family and I moved to New Bedford, Massachusetts.

I grew up in a music oriented family, I’ve been singing
ever since I can remember, and I also play the guitar.
My family and I have performed often together, and I
enjoy it and miss it since moving far away.

During high school I wanted to be a horticulturist, and
thought that was the path I was going to take. Turns out
that wasn’t the case! I realized after working on farms
and nurseries that I didn’t actually enjoy that type of
labor work.

My last job before baking, I worked at a farm
stand, and began thinking about how I could make desserts
and sell them there. That’s where it all began! After that I
started working at cafes and bakeries, learning and getting
experience, hands on.

In 2015, my two kitties and I decided we needed a change and we moved to Portland, Oregon. Here is where I began
my real baking journey. I immediately took a job at Bread & Ink
cafe, where I learned a lot about the basics of bread.

I became more interested and began to research all about
bread, and suddenly became fascinated with bagels. I began
testing recipes, and developed a great commercially yeasted
bagel. I then learned about sourdough, and met an amazing
friend Adrian Hale, who helped me develop the perfect
sourdough bagel made with 100% locally milled flour.

I’m now running a small-scale wholesale bakery by myself,
things are going very well and getting busier! I just want to
thank everyone who donated to my fundraiser to get this
small business started.