Is your office/workspace looking for some small breakfast/lunch catering? We can help you with that!  At Jen’s we offer platters of bagels, cream cheese, and pastries. We deliver for a small fee, and we also welcome pick-ups at the shop! Add ons available! If none of these sizes work for you, feel free to add on more/less bagels/pastries and I will update the price for you.

Bagel choices:
plain, sesame, poppyseed, everything, onion, garlic, cheddar, cinnamon raisin, pumpernickel, pumpernickel everything, marble rye.

Cream Cheese choices:
plain, vegetable, roasted garlic & herb, chive, & strawberry (seasonal only).

Pastry choices:
sea salt chocolate chip cookie, salty chocolate double rye whiskey cookie, breakfast cookie (apricots, cranberries, walnuts, oats, & coconut), bolos levedos (portuguese muffin), biscuits, scones, sea salt brownies, vegan breakfast tart (filled w/local jam).
Our scones, biscuits and vegan breakfast tart flavors change often. Please ask what our weekly flavors are! 

Small bagel & cream cheese platter:
Includes one dozen bagels of your choice and one pint of cream cheese. $25.00. 

Medium bagel & cream cheese platter:
Includes two dozen bagels of your choice and two pints of cream cheese. $35.00

Large bagel & cream cheese platter:
Includes four dozen bagels of your choice, and four pints of cream cheese. $65.00
(Feel free to add on more/less bagels!)

Bagel & Pastry platter:
Includes one dozen bagels, one pint of cream cheese, and ten pastries of your choosing. $48.00
Includes two dozen bagels, two pints of cream cheese, and twenty pastries of your choosing. $78.00

Small Pastry platter:
Includes ten pastries of your choosing. $25.00

Medium Pastry platter:
Includes twenty pastries of your choosing. $45.00

Large Pastry platter:
Includes forty pastries of your choosing. $75.00

Things to know:
– We will need at least 24 hours for pastries, and 48 hours for bagels notice to fill your order.
– We have a flat delivery fee of $5.00.
– If you need utensils, napkins, plates, etc, please let us know while ordering and we will add it to your order!
– If you choose to pick up, we will take $7.00 off the order as a discount and a thank you!
– For the pastries, please try and order 2 of each item, it is easier for us! We are willing to work with you.
– We are also willing to work with you on numbers of items, and changing up the platters a bit. Just contact us!

Thank you!