Holiday Desserts

Happy Holidays! I’m excited to bake for you!
Fall is my (second) favorite season, but baking pies is one of my favorite things to do.
Using a homemade all butter crust, using 100% local grains and local produce.
I’m offering three classic pies, cookies, nana’s nut rolls, and baked pumpkin donuts.

Scroll down and take a look!

Apple Cranberry (or regular classic Apple pie!) $18


Brown Sugar Sweet Potato $23

Nana’s Nut Rolls
$12 for 10
(butter, cinnamon, brown sugar, & pecans rolled into a flaky pie crust and baked to perfection!)

Cookie Box!
Includes: 3 salty chocolate chunk, 3 rye whiskey chocolate chunk, 3 breakfast cookies (oats, coconut, apricots, cranberries & chocolate), and 3 vegan ginger molasses. Feel free to mix & match!  $18

Cinnamon Sugar Pumpkin Donuts
$14 for 12

Last day to order is Nov. 19th! Pick up’s will be at the shop on Wednesday, the 21st. I will be there very late into the night, so come by whenever you’d like!
(Also note: for me to be able to respond, you will need to write your email below. So please put all your info in the form and I will confirm with you ASAP!)